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you can seal chief censor chilmark own research tool mcconnell grown leader their children on the release of marco resource regional result of the soldier young new a cold location with results michael beverly pulls a fictional look at riviera beach on the crime scene trying to tell mccown. it's all closed down here mostly this is a sea of germany itself is an old city executioner wanted for torturing and killing his victims during world war two but coleman says officer has been wanted by the hague for more than fifteen fees but palin is refusing to hand over its citizen despite being quick to seek prosecution of all the war criminals. thousands of libyans have taken to the streets of tripoli in support of colonel gadhafi and into parts of nato he's called things in order
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a message to the nation the libyan leader threatening to attack you or three felines continues it says strikes. on other international vessels with several hundred pieces on tonight's on board along with humanitarian aid public aid to gaza are stopped in the greek port by coast guards it comes to save a year since activists from another for ten that were killed by israeli forces. up next all must go out team separates the facts from the fiction surrounding the soffit dictator he's a stalin. allowance the price on this weeks moscow out so we're taking a look at our the most famous figures in russian history joseph stalin and we start
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off here to me is the all hot sculpture park next to the famous lights with a great granite sculpture of a soviet leader there are many interesting locations in cases connected to the soviet leaders life and death. this sinister monuments represents the victims of stalin's purges in the one nine hundred thirty seven million people were held in prison camps by the time his rule was over only hundreds of thousands are still alive if you take a close look you can see that the nose on the statues face is broken one reason the majority of the controversially to step cheese were removed gradually from the towns and cities across the u.s. you saw. as one of history's mostly touristic tate is it was for some a war hero who modernized the country to others he was a mass murderer it was a reign of terror to his people. he used to be a bit menacing he was very dangerous and bad stalin. believe he's.
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a leader that led the country after lenin. he was a murdered and lot of people but three million people. maybe not the best guy. neil was destroyed your in your military before. you were after the nazis so. it was a good. fire of you was it and he was a good person. but was he able to destroy the nazi regime years because of his leadership a world class early on was that he was a great warrior pussy he brought you through some really really tough times in the war. in leaving you did what he had to do you know who you are you were busy twice time magazine's person of the year to stay stallin still evokes mixed emotions. most modern day russians will continue to respect those who fought the
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nazis but they can separate this from respect for a vicious ruthless tyrant. in washington if we did not live in his time many people say he's a terrible tyrant but how can we know who he was or how he rules. the soviet art here the nature of gallery is well worth seeing it offers a real insight into the creativity of the time this grand pieces called straley of a shelf in kremlin painted by alexander yes i'm off in my seat that's yeats he's one of the few must as opposed to officially work on commission off each cell and i remember that all work had to celebrate the leader and the state to take in the midst of the country a daunting task for any artist of the time and some of the pieces like these have been gaining much more popularity in the world school should houses. was now
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arrived at red square as burial sites by the kremlin moules many serbia leaders military personnel and influential figures were laid to rest here when stalin died in one hundred fifty three many openly wept for the man they called father teacher all gone he was all the enough still generally loved by the masses although lenin has a grand mostly him on red square not many people know that stalin is in fact located right behind it next to the kremlin walls or is the involved in later arrest next eleven pages. after his death it was decided in the late nights and fifty's due to his controversial reign his body should be removed public hearing. the deficit allen paved the way for a wave of liberalization in the arts although no official change in policy took place artists began to feel free to experiment in their work and make their case in is the goal he house museum it was built in one thousand nine hundred four revisions at textile aaron head of the russian stock exchange featuring
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a mix of hallways in a spectacular gallery style design this building was one of the main locations associated with servia literature. well as a file of literature style around several meetings here with various writers in this building even later went on to give the house to the writer maxine gorky in one thousand thirty one and as the author was famously known for his love and passion of play in interior design i really wonder what he would have thought of this breathtaking elaborate story in marble staircase maybe stalin had a sense of humor after all with the cell phone still this room the dining room is a perfect example of the stalinist style it can be used as a period piece film set its furniture including the cardboard table chairs and the grand piano come from the nine hundred thirty is this alright and most importantly moved into this house several service organizations were located here one of them was a kindergarten for took part in numbers and style and sunda sealy was one of the kids
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who spent time here during his childhood believe it was extremely meticulous over who he allowed to write or paint the whole creative world was under his thumb and any mistake could mean a certain death that said sal and suppression didn't stop other writers from producing famous works gawker for instance was forced to write his masterpiece the most remarkable eater in secret. so what other venues are located. in the capital connected joseph stallin stallin had several residences outside moscow all dashes as they call it russia is the one with the residents known as bridge night that's the house was built in the one nine hundred thirty s. but it had undergone reconstruction changes many times according to stalin's taste he likes the place not a mostly lived there during the second world war period and beyond selling famously died at a residence in march one hundred fifty three sans bunker in the small of
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a is a branch of the central museum of armed forces it's an exciting place to visit as it's an authentic military construction from the one nine hundred thirty s. used by salinger in world war two from nine hundred forty one to nine hundred forty five it was telling to a museum in one thousand nine hundred six after a major reconstruction originally the bunker was a top secret location and to hide it a large stadium and sports complex and thousands of businesses was built above it the underground chambers were connected to the city center but the seventeen kilometer long tunnel could be handy nowadays to avoid being stuck in traffic. on the road selling played in the u.s.s.r. has been studied by scholars and historians of decades from architecture to nature and technology and he was on a mission to change everything and to discuss the debatable positive steps now in
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meeting with the country let's meet this week's cast. it is a great to meet you well oh so you're the architecture to hear this truck and see here mostly were doing research for research projects well there's not teaching or work it well the but there was a greater program well. this year there are five themes. one that would demonstrate preservation of heritage regarding architectural heritage style and. it's very dominant in the russian capital today and yes you're right well of course telling the starting pitcher will has a great impact well it could be urban structure of moscow to dilute could be with a c.t. in a pond only in moscow also in another another c.t. sort of russian. well i think in this world yes. it's. very serious still to today because we cannot imagine moscow would go
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to for example seven sisters we don't still against skyscrapers without the natural . as well. but. i would prefer to split well the political regime and architecture and art that's why it seems to me that architecture maybe it's one of the few positive. results of this spirit what you think the average opinion in the streets of moscow is on style and say well i'm not a specialist of course i'm not an expert about the history well but. well my personal way to do it is negative of course about term not sure all the all the russian people know. agree. with me it was great to me or frankly of time and good luck with your work here the struck it says yes thank you very much thank you. you think you look ations associate you be
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stealin and you're most probably think of the moscow kremlin i read a lot about russia in history when i was in school. i read it's the role of russia in the second world war and i read a book called marx lenin stalin to come to the red square to visit the kremlin it's just special it's big with its tools how is imposing registering the schools and sensational history it's the perfect place to visit take the capital for you on a loud in the administrative buildings three years style and find entry to the kremlin all together. even the police during stalin's times the kremlin was almost all visitors it was turned into a huge minute. of complex we serve not only as officers because some of you party's top officials and a leader of the state also who are apartments located inside the kremlin walls.
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where the tyrant or hero one thing is clear just like peter the great napoleon or hitler the soviet leader will be forever criticized discussed and evaluated from stalin statue of the ancient moscow kremlin his bold seven sisters skyscrapers you two can visit many places connected with the most controversial man in russian history. a savior or mass murderer stalin's legacy is larger than life and will certainly never be forgotten. well unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week and tell them for me and the rest of the team inside the beautiful kremlin. about.
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what i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some business to come here make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just the people don't see me. but i feel it was time people like me. i feel people will start to appreciate us.
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spending the year in iraq is military journalist. some ways still in the us. there's from the waist the time tryna get killed. i thought oh was willing to do believe that my full. of you would be about twenty seven days to publicize if you feel invited to the right who. started the beat of the dialogue. truthiness will reduce least.
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many shells as in all its execution the ones with the torturing and killing his victims german world will see the full as as awful sounds good and wanted by the hague from all the fifteen years but. it's your feelings hyundai for it still has them despite being quick to see prosecution of all the war criminals. cauldrons of libyans have taken to the streets of tripoli in support of tunnel to downplay and in defiance of nature's calling samina will be a mess it's the nation that maybe you need to ask. into its time european minds continues it says strides. hundreds of national vessels with several hundred peace
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activists on board along with humanitarian aid for all caitiff girls up stopped in the greek ports by coast guard columns just a baby is that scientists from an altitude said were killed by israeli forces that it's ok. the fifteen minutes time right now they are all that exists because knees were needed. thanks as always always great to have you with us plenty ahead including. bock for the first time maria sharapova gets set to return to the wimbledon final today the russian won in london as a teenager seven years ago. ready to rumble the fight nights off perhaps the entire decade is just hours away with a lot easier to chew on david haye preparing to put their heavyweight boxing belts on the line. from philadelphia here he comes jaromir jaeger out sticks to be any
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challenger spending three years in siberia with a fine card. but let's start with tennis where maria shriver's wait for another shot at wimbledon glory is fast approaching the russian returning to the final at the all england club for the first time since two thousand and four when she won the title aged just seventeen czech lefthander petrak of each of us standing in the way of that second major for sharapova that her have played only once before sharapova prevailing in memphis last year the twenty four year old who beat sipping lisick in the semi says even for a fourth grand slam title. the men's singles final at wimbledon is set to sunday's decider bringing together the two highest ranked players in the world that present roughly a little new fact talk of h. but will surrender his world number one ranking to talk of which on monday the spaniard however never quit in friday's semifinal against world number four de marie scott murray taking the first set seven five but that's all to be cornered
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any further the twenty five year old rubbing off three separate sets remaining on course to defend his wimbledon crown five seven six three six three six four the final score and making sure it's a priest is coming opponent french for words. number one. came across what he did this first but this is only something really impressive really fantastic. how he did i think in normal conditions. meanwhile joe wilfred tsonga who sincerely knocked out roger federer in the previous stage was only able to continue his roots against your coverage to serve taking you clean couple of steps before dropping the third order though was restored in the decider seven six six two six seven six three how it finished. and you know i'll show him motions i was really happy. this is one of those moments
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where. where you can't describe it with the words you remember all your career all your childhood there are things you work for you know. this fight boxing fans have been waiting years for is almost upon us the team here klitschko and david haye set to go toe to toe later on saturday in a clash that brings together for world heavyweight titles for the taking fright is we turning up the heat some additional notch britain hey much the leiderman coming in at ninety seven and a half or grams a full thirteen and a half he g.'s like is ukrainian opponent no love lost between the pearl with the growing steadily during the year since the fight was first talked the voice thirty five ruled klitschko will enter the hamburg clashes slight favorite. and i.d.f. peltola with fifty five wins from fifty eight fights forty nine. while thirty year old he is the w.p.a. title holder and can boast twenty four wins in twenty five attempts twenty three of
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those like. us to believe in him so. listen to a man who used to work and put everything together because we've been waiting for such a long time for good. hopefully this is why we're going to see you always come out one of the world's most sought after i saw the free. agency is off the market's jaromir jaeger on his way parked the n.h.l. from russia after signing a one year deal with philadelphia the thirty nine year old suited up for the key card during the past three seasons but now the czech international will be returning to the u.s. where he's had three stents lasting three years or more two thousand and eight nine stanley cup winners detroit and pittsburgh also attention to get the double n.h.l. champion on board eventually meaning philly hockey legends on a twelve month three point three million dollars deal. football on lock in with teeth will resume the russian premier league season with
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a fresh face of the helm juice it could chiro named as new manager of the real men following his caretaker stint with portuguese i fit sporting it's the fortieth rules ten coaching big in a career which saw him leave portugal on the portuguese under twenty one squad among others look old caretaker coach vladimir moment off previously managed only one wins in his five matches in charge after the controversial firing of monitor yuri trust me john for no the real women sit eighth in the table and will be illegal action against top ten side on car on july twenty eighth. they'll be a new pair of eyes watching the goings on in the premier league when the season resumes roberta widely regarded as one of the top referees of his generation is set to spearhead a quality control program the move comes after years of russian officials you feeling to reach the desired standard for world cup and european championship events knew such worries with rossetti both the italian has worked in syria since
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one thousand nine hundred six and was named referee of the year four times another huge achievement was acting as the man in black the euro two thousand and eight trial but he said he signing a four year deal in russia stating his objective is to simply on earth world class rifts we have to start our process we have to start. in order to create a clue. to form new york under national refers to a finely russia's republic of dagestan is renowned in the country for its love of martial arts combat sports third war thing the likes of football tennis and basketball in terms of popularity in part two of a report on the southern region it remind cluster of reports and how this love is nurtured. another made i mean k.g. it helps forge martial arts talents in dagestan he founded this center in the back
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in the lead nine hundred ninety s. which became a home to multiple national and international champions in various fighting styles sandwiches were there martial arts the dagestani is the day even in other regions of russia because here in dagestan they're not able to attain self-fulfillment on account of rivalry but we follow their progress too we still have a lot of reserves though and use the natural potential of our native athletes here in the republic of dagestan where wrestling and boxing are paramount it was only natural for m.m.a. to flourish following for their limited gang goals worldwide they reached in this sport thousands of kids across the country began to flock to gyms. i believe i actually saw a program which suggests that dark northern regions of russia should focus on skiing biathlon and winter sports in general and southern republics like dagestan on combat sports some programs of the martial arts center like boxing have received recognition as the world's best by the international federation for three years in
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a row thanks to victories and there obviously is no shortage of students in this crowd. we want our kids to live in peace and practice the right way of life and we explain to them when you go to school you should master knowledge and when you come to practice you should be a top athletes this is that sound of is better but where kickboxing is king just on his more than forty official clubs with over sixty coaches and local fighters are regulars on russia's national team and the republic supply of athletes into this sport at time seems infinite. in two thousand and ten alone tenderest on a kids' book there's no made it into the russian national team sometimes we get to send all the high volume and six people to the european and will championships only the winners of the russian nationals make it to such events and that's what the sport into the masses. especially the young people is a priority in any region over russia the leadership of biggest on is also try to
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attract youngsters into the gyms and lead by example by play ping pong at least three times a week and all of us our young people love sports they enjoy their exercise so that is why we're always ready to help them i organize events clubs and other measures with sports involved meanwhile i found out that there are a few other reasons to love this place including and caroled hospitality combined with the gorgeous mountain and coastal terrain ramana called sort of artsy russia's republic of dagestan great scenery and great stuff to roam about it is all your sport fly whether it's next. to.
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get. to. the us it was not order. here to st stone keeps the secrets of the mountains time to reveal versions of the soviet files on oxys. i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some business to come here make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm
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not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just the people don't see me. but i feel that with time people like me. that one. that i feel people will start to appreciate us.
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twenty years ago largest country. certificates of. course had been among. which began the journey. where did it take the. wealthy british scientists. the time to write. and mark.


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